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When it comes to style, I’m a bit temperamental. Every kind of mood – from jeans-and-t-shirt days to classic and elegant days to hipster chic days – happens. For style preferences, I generally flicker between minimalist chic and boho funkiness, so consider yourself warned; this here’s going to be a mighty eclectic post.

The best fashion show is on the street – always has been and always will be.” – Bill Cunningham, streetstyle photographer extraordinaire for the New York Times.


The editor-in-chief of VOGUE Paris, Emmanuelle Alt dresses like every inch the "handsome French woman" she is (in Karl Lagerfeld's words at least). If there was a ever way to embody pure Parisian chic and perfect the art of the androgynous minimalist wardrobe, this woman has nailed it.

Her look is a clean, no-nonsense thing with little to no visible effort put into hair and makeup and only the rarest sighting of a skirt. Moto jackets, cropped skinny jeans, slouchy t-shirts, structured coats, Balmain blazers, gorgeous, towering heels and the occasional bracelet or cuff  that's all that goes into the woman's wardrobe, and yet she is one of the most chic fashion icons in the world. If only we could all look like that after forty-five. Wow.


There is no shortage of celebrities dressed to the nines in designer garb being papped everywhere from streets to supermarkets. Miranda Kerr is one of the few, however, who almost always manage to look like they are stepping of the pages of a glossy magazine instead of hopping off a plane after an eight-hour flight

The girl looks flawless in candids – a veritable life skill – and manages to look impeccable whether she's making an appearance or going shopping with her adorable son Flynn. The model's laid-back street style wins major sartorial brownie points from observers around the world, especially because not only does she seem to have broken the off-duty model standard ensemble (moto jacket, slouchy top and skinny jeans or short shorts), she does it effortlessly. With a liberal blend of high-end designer pieces blended with high-street options like this Topshop dress with Isabelle Marant booties, her style is pretty, polished and never boring.


I am a Potterhead to the core so not loving Emma Watson has never been an option. If her being the amazing Hermione Granger was the reason the world opened their eyes to her, there's a whole host of them why gazes have yet to move away. She is intelligent and eloquent, a fierce do-gooder (and UN Women Goodwill Ambassador!), a brilliant actress, an Ivy League graduate, charmingly unaffected by fame and has even got all-around amazing lipstick game! She might, possibly, be a real-life princess.

Emma does the occasional hit-or-miss outfit (read: her edgy, backless red dress at the Golden Globes this year; people either loved or hated it!), but the risk is pretty reasonable considering how many things she gets right. The young Miss Watson might just be everything you want your little girl to be (see: above) and she does it all while looking like the very picture of elegance.

Her personal style is an interesting amalgamation of elegance, sophistication and adventure. She nails trends right, takes risks with her look and has been doing so since she nailed her first ensemble at the New York premiere of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban back in 2004. Basically, whatever Emma wears, she looks undeniably cool in it and isn't that the ultimate goal?


Meet Blake Lively: the alien from Pluto (the magical planet, duh) who is physically incapable of having an off-day. Her hair is illuminated by gamma rays emanating from the planet Krypton and every morning, birds of paradise descend upon her sleeping chambers to dress her into the princess that meets the eye.

On a more serious note, though, I am not joking. Blake Lively is frighteningly perfect and it scares me. While we prefer steering clear of her red carpet style lest we combust of sheer envy, her personal style too is a piece of Sienna Miller-esque, bohemian art; the expert combination of classic shapes, clean, minimal accessories and frankly intelligent combinations. I have nothing more to say, friends. See her and weep!


Imagine a girl backstage for her hipster-musician boyfriend's indie band playing a gig at a grungy bar? You can picture her style, right? That uniquely unruffled, occasionally pretentious sense of style that screams I'm-so-cool and I-put-in-loads-of-effort-to-look-like-I-made-no-effort-at-all? Alexa Chung is queen of those dimly-lit stage corners.

I won't lie – I half love her only for the sheer respect I have for her bagging Arctic Monkeys frontman and actual musical frontman Alex Turner – but the girl has also won the British Style Award for four years running, and with good reason. Besides, everyone has nice things to say about her: VOGUE editor-in-chief and fearsome ice queen Anna Wintour has described her as "a phenomenon"; the New York Times declared her "the Kate Moss of the new generation" and Karl Lagerfeld described her as "beautiful and clever...a modern girl". Lovely, right?

So is Chung's style. Since crossing the pond to New York City, her wardrobe has gotten just a smidgen sleeker, but no less individual. Danger is no stranger to her and she takes risks. Her ensembles can be trusted to always be based around classic pieces dressed in whimsy. And if her quirky outfits don't endear you, her wide blue-green eyes peaking out from behind her bangs might.


Celebrity culture is a real thing. Thanks to social media, none of us are very good at minding our own business and these fabulous, shiny, untouchable beings seem fantastic. Obviously, being sartorially inspired by them makes sense. Tanya Burr, however, is a little bit of fashion inspiration from the real world of real people. (Yay!)

The only person who has possibly taught be how to apply makeup more than my mother, Tanya started as a Youtube makeup guru and now even has her own makeup line with Superdrug. (Wikipedia has this to say: Burr attends London Fashion Week each season and has been on the judging panel for the Elle Beauty Awards. She also writes a regular column for Grazia magazine.)

The point is, Tanya Burr is as human as the rest of us. Sometimes, she gains a little weight. Sometimes, she works out and loses some. Hell, she even gets to blog and vlog and talk about fashion for a living, but Burr is a regular girl like you and me. And despite the occasional designer perks and stylists that comes with being good at what you does, she almost always looks well put-together.

Tanya's style is as girl-next-door as you can get. She follows trends. She takes risks – sometimes looking fabulous, sometimes not. And all along, her style remains simple, relatable and the easiest thing to imitate if the fancy strikes you.


Kate Middleton, Lauren Conrad, Emma Stone, Sienna Miller, Dita von Teese, Anna Wintour, Kerry Washington and a million more.

Disclaimer: All photographs were Google Image Search results, apart from a couple which I got from that belong to Tanya Burr.

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